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Born in Kaufungen near Kassel (Germany) 1938


Elementaryschool, middleschool, precision- mechanic graduation, radio and  television-technician graduation, radar-mechanik-master, technician with state examination, transportation and integration engineer, sales director, product  manager, managing director, and many more.

Stays in: the USA (California, Arizona, Texas), Canada, Mexico, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece (mainland and Crete), Italy (mainland and Sardinian), Spain, Norway, etc.

The interest in forming art was since young age available, could however because of occupation and family not to be realized.

1986 autodidctical beginning with Collagen, paintings and sculptures. First Collage developed about humans and nature, humans and technique, as well as humans  and environment.

The transition to the painting was flowing, whereby at the start handling also was to oil- paint. The picture projects became strong influences by the vocational career of the artist. 

Its work is based on the constructional items of geometry and technique which  partial were surrealistisch transferred.

In the experimentation phase abstractions were built into the Sujet with. The  technique of the Monotypie became by the printout of the intended eventualities as interesting way temporarily walked on and again leave, since it the objectives required by the artist did not achieve.

The prevailing painting medium become probably the oil- paint and their variations and used remain.

As Galleryst and Picture- Framer the artist knew his knowledge in the area of the national and international art market variously and extensively extend, deepen and complete.

The taken place exhibitions brought the necessary acknowledgement to around itself the forming art further in all its forms to dedicate and possibilities.

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